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reduce belly fatEating poorly, stress and life itself can be attributed to why so many people are overweight. The toughest fat to combat is the fat around the waist known as visceral fat. This type of fat seems to stick around regardless of one’s eating patterns or workout plan and it is the most dangerous type of fat. This type of fat is responsible for many health conditions and it is important to start dealing with it immediately. Contending with belly fat can be frustrating but there are effective techniques to beat the battle of this specific bulge. Unfortunately, there is not just one thing you can do to change this but there are many things you can do together to overcome this epidemic. With a healthy diet, consistent exercise, weight loss and natural supplementation you can win in the end.

Belly Blasting Exercises

There are exercises, foods and natural weight loss supplements that can help you fight visceral fat.

  • Side planks require dedication and mental strength. Supporting the body weight on two points require focus. Lie sideways on the floor, place the elbow directly beneath the shoulder and have the legs stacked. Squeeze the abs and lift the hips from the floor until balance is recovered using the forearm and feet. Hold for as long as possible, while breathing and squeezing the abs. Switch sides and repeat till exhaustion.
  • The captain’s chair workout can be used at the gym or in a chair at home. Sit towards the edge of the chair and keep the hands firmly on the chair. Exhale and slowly lift the knees towards the chair, squeezing the abs. Never allow the feet to touch the floor when performing these repetitions.
  • The crunch beat is effective and difficult. Lying face down on a mat with 90 degree bent knees, extending the arms fully behind the head. Extend the legs diagonally, cross the ankles and raise the head, with chin up. Hold this move and pulse gently till exhaustion. Repeat the move eight times.
  • Cardio can be fun and provides a fast way to lose belly bulge. Incorporate a high level cardio class, or pop in a music CD to ramp up a lackluster cardio routine. Music assists in passing the time during cardio sessions and more energy is derived from fun beats. You can also watch TV while jumping on a mini trampoline or take daily walks.

Powerful Foods 

There are power foods that can help reduce stubborn belly bulge when added to an exercise plan:

  • Blueberries, strawberries and raspberries contain belly fat fighting chemicals. Blueberries also provide an essential balance of fiber allowing the satisfaction of being fuller, faster.
  • Tuna and fish enhance metabolism naturally and reduces cravings. Tuna also has a significant protein level to build lean tissue, which assists in reducing belly fat.
  • Romaine, arugula, spinach and kale are all leafy greens that contain high fiber and prevent the bloat in bellies. A huge salad with these belly blasting greens will reduce cravings and provide essential sources of vitamins and minerals.
  • Sour cherries have been proven in lab tests to reduce belly fat in less than three months. The antioxidants in sour cherries produce a natural and tasty variation to reducing belly bulge.

Concentrated workouts and belly blasting foods provide a source of success to lose belly bulge. Incorporating the workouts several times a week allows the stomach and abs to develop, reduce and tone. The belly is one area of the body that recovers fast and can be worked out consistently. If you have problems controlling your appetite or mustering up the extra energy to exercise then look into natural weight loss supplements for that extra boost in your efforts. Following all of the above tips will ultimately result in weight loss which will decrease your visceral fat levels.

Dr. Tammy Cashion

Guest Author – The Best Weight Loss System

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