Secrets of Weight Loss

weight loss helpWeight loss…would finding the right diet help us achieve our goals? The sad truth is that most weight loss diets don’t work. Research shows that 85-95% of dieters regain the weight they’ve lost within 3-5 years. Most diets simply dictate what to eat and how much, and usually don’t teach us to make better food choices once we go off the diet. When we go back to our old habits the weight comes back and we end up in a constant battle to get the weight off again.

When you quit diets and instead change to eating nutrient rich foods and enjoy fun foods in moderation, weight loss can be the natural result. Other well-known benefits abstaining from on and off dieting can include increased energy, vitality and health. If you stay active and eat in moderation you don’t have to give up the foods you enjoy. Yes, that means you can enjoy cake, cookies, and other treats and still lose weight when you learn how to balance them appropriately in your diet. So why don’t more people stop dieting?

Part of the reason is that we are conditioned in the diet mentality that the answer lies in a secret formula that will only work if we follow it rigidly. Let’s face it, we like to think of a magic pill that will make something seem easy for once. Instead of following another weight loss diet we should pay attention to those people who have lost weight weight and kept it off. What did they do?

People who have successfully achieved their ideal weight and better health without dieting report the following success strategies:

• They made a commitment to changing habits long-term vs. just losing weight
• They became educated about sound nutrition principles
• They learned to cope with emotions and stress without food
• They consciously eat when their hungry and stop when their full
• They shift the focus from “looking good” to honoring their health and well-being
• They learn to adjust portions or food intake to match activity level
• They don’t sabotage themselves, when they blow it
• They seek ongoing support as needed to stay motivated

Making positive change is possible with the right commitment, education, and support. Rather than spending precious energy and time “going on a diet”, make a different choice. Choose high-level health so you can lose weight once and keep it off for a lifetime.

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